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NEW: JoyBräu Gift Box - Limited Christmas Edition

€49.99 €83.87 saving €33.88
NEW: JoyBräu Gift Box - Limited Christmas Edition
€49.99 €83.87 SALE 🎉 Dein Rabatt: €33.88

NEW: JoyBräu Gift Box - Limited Christmas Edition

€49.99 €83.87 saving €33.88
JoyBräu: Your benefits at a glance
  • While others eat cookies 🍪and drink mulled wine all day, your significant other spends the holiday season in the gym? 

    ...what possibly to give such a person?

    Don't worry - We've got your back! 🎁

    JoyBräu - the worlds first non-alcoholic Protein Beer - is now finally available as a gift box 🎅🏼

    Pre-wrapped ertig and customizable with a personal Message, your search for the perfect fitness gift has finally come to an end!

    Because even Arnold Schwarzenegger knew back in his prime:"Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer."

    Never has giving gift for fitness freaks been so easy.

    And best of all:  compared to all individual product on their own, you save 28,88€ 🎉


  • - 12x0,33l Cans worth 35.99€
    With 21g of Protein per Can, JoyBräu is THE FITNESS-TREND of this year. Everyone who regularly works out and is conscious of nutriotion simply has to try JoyBräu. With 12x0,33l cans, you are perfectly equipped for a protein-rich Christmas!

    - 1x Gym Towel "Sweat is just fat crying" worth 19.99€
    "Sweat is just fat crying" - With this motivational quote on your towel, your next training session will be a guaranteed success. 100% Cotton and extra thick & cuddly material make our JoyBräu towel the ideal gym companion.

    - 11 Fitness-Beer Mats & -Sticker worth 17.99€
    Drinking beer and gaining muscle?! With these 11 stylish beer mats & stickers you have the perfect add-on to your protein beer - motivational quotes all inclusive. 11 unique designs in limited edition for your sportsbar.

    - 10€ Gift Card for your next order
    Save 10 Euro at your next purchase with your personal and autographed gift card.

The fitness-sensation 2018 in the media

Protein Beer?! Sounds great, but what does it mean in detail?

Your benefits at a glance

JoyBräu alkoholfrei
  • 21g Protein

    Each bottle of JoyBräu contains as much protein as a shake - for your muscle gains

    Proteins are essential for muscle maintenance and growth

    We exclusively use high-grad plant-based amino acids

  • Unique Beer Feeling

    Is there anything better than the taste of a cold beer?

    Say goodby to artificial taste, milkshakes and stupid comments, because you just drink water during parties.

  • 10g BCAA

    The essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine support your Body during recovery post-workout

  • Beta-Alanin & Carnitin

    Increase your performance with Beta-Alanine and give your body the chance to promote fat metabolism for energy production with Carnitine