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From the mad idea to the protein beer - our story

From the mad idea to the protein beer - our story

Brainstorming worldwide: Idea development JoyBräu-Style

The history of JoyBräu begins in Singapore in the summer of 2015. During an assignment abroad, Erik was heavily in fitness mode and trained every day. But anyone who knows Singapore, knows that in the city it is uncommon to spend an evening at home on the couch. Pumping, drinking shake on ex and then off to the next bar was the daily evening routine after a long day in the office.
Tristan was also on business in Southeast Asia and regularly came by over the weekend. On the roof terrace of the apartment in Singapore - after a few beers after work - Erik came up with the idea: "How cool would it be to drink beer without a bad conscience after training? It's like a shake, but it doesn't taste sweet, but like beer..." A good joke, another one of Erik's stupid ideas, Tristan thought. A short laugh, "Cheers" and next topic.

Erik & Tristan during brainstorming 2015 in Singapore
But the next morning (a bit hungover in the gym and still a bit of a craving for beer), the idea didn't seem so stupid anymore. The planning started on the same day. Who would buy such a product? Why doesn't that exist yet? With or without alcohol? The expected party weekend turned into an intensive work session.

Product development on wrong track

Back in Germany we went straight to Tristan in the basement. It couldn't be that difficult to switch the hobby brewery to protein beer. 5kg Whey Protein, 25l beer and a huge mess later they were smarter.
But the two of them couldn't get the idea out of their heads. Fortunately, there are breweries in Germany like sand on the sea, there will certainly be someone who can help, thought Erik and Tristan.
But even here they were mistaken. Protein beer? With at least 20g per bottle? No chance, said the brewers. The founders toured all over Germany unsuccessfully in search of a suitable partner.
The more they thought about the idea, worked out business plans and talked to the target group, the more convinced they became. A laboratory was needed, and a good one as well. With trained personnel, excellent know-how and experience. In the summer of 2016, the TU Berlin, Department of Brewing and Beverage Technology, finally found the perfect partner for the complex development.

Without scientists, that will be nothing!

Despite all the joy of finally having found a development partner, the next damper came quickly: the development should take at least one year. And the project wouldn't be cheap either...
It was all or nothing! Sell a motorcycle and tighten your belt for a year! Finance the development full-time during the day and work on the vision at night, on weekends and during "holidays".
Meanwhile, the TU Berlin team came across one challenge after the other. As soon as one problem was solved, the next was added.

Sterilization of sample bottles by experts from TU Berlin
The extremely high targeted protein content of over 60g per litre repeatedly pushed the developers and their equipment to their limits. Whether the unbearable taste of individual amino acids, their solubility or the PH value - it didn't get boring.

But the long breath has paid off! In September 2017 the first, really tasty prototype was ready and the tests on the large industrial facility could begin...

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