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Impressions from FIBO 2018

Impressions from FIBO 2018

The world's largest fitness event takes place in Cologne every year in April. Just 6 weeks after our sales launch, we were there this year!
The fair was a huge success for our young start-up: more than 25,000 fitness enthusiasts tried our non-alcoholic protein beer and the feedback was overwhelming.
Winning the "FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2018" in the "Lifestyle" category was the crowning achievement of the event for us and attracted a great deal of media attention. You have certainly seen us on ZDF, RTL, ProSieben, SAT1 or even NTV.
We would like to share these impressions with you. Have fun! :-)

JoyBräu in the video review in Germany's biggest fitness magazine "Fit for Fun":

JoyBräu bei Fit for Fun

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JoyBräu with Team-Andro "The secret man's dream ":

JoyBräu bei Team Andro

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JoyBräu at RTL "With beer to the dream figure":

JoyBräu bei RTL

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