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Non-alcoholic beer: The perfect post-workout drink?

Non-alcoholic beer: The perfect post-workout drink?

Anyone who takes a closer look at the effects of beer on health will soon notice that beer is good for the body ( similar to wine) when consumed in moderation.

Even a short Google search reveals:
6 Gründe, warum Bier-Konsum gut für die Gesundheit ist“ – 22.05.2017, Huffington Post. Or: „Immunsystem, Herz: So gesund kann Bier sein“ – 29.09.2014, Frankfurter Rundschau.
It quickly becomes clear that many studies ascribe beer positive properties to physical health and the immune system. Non-alcoholic variants are particularly interesting for athletes, as they provide the advantages of beer without its greatest disadvantage for fitness, alcohol. As a result, it is increasingly used by athletes as an ideal drink for rehydration after training.

But what makes non-alcoholic beer so healthy?

The world's largest marathon study "Be-MaGIC " (Beer, Marathon, Genetics, Inflammation and the Cardiovascular system) has undoubtedly scientifically proven the positive effects of non-alcoholic beer in a large-scale experiment.
The most important ingredients are the so-called polyphenols. As a result, non-alcoholic beer has three decisive influences on health:
  • Have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce the risk of catching a cold
What does that mean in detail and what are polyphenols anyway?
Polyphenols, which are also contained in non-alcoholic beer, are aromatic compounds that originally occur in plants as colorants or flavors. The "Be-MaGIC" study was able to prove that non-alcoholic beer significantly lowers the inflammation parameters in the blood through the polyphenols.
Polyphenols are also responsible for the beautiful golden colour of beer.

During high physical exertion, such as fitness training, the inflammation values increase. Increased inflammation values in the long term can have harmful effects on health and life expectancy. Non-alcoholic beer has been proven to help normalize these levels!
Another interesting advantage of non-alcoholic beer, according to the study, is the strengthening of the immune system. Intensive training stresses the body and weakens the immune system. This makes them susceptible to infections and diseases. Regular consumption of non-alcoholic beer can demonstrably reduce this effect.
Another interesting advantage is the prevention of colds. The participants of the "Be-MaGIC"-study could reduce the risk of getting a cold to one third by regular consumption of non-alcoholic beer!
And in addition the times are still past, in which non-alcoholic beer could hardly keep up with its alcoholic model in terms of taste! More than enough reasons to take the healthy sports drink to the next level and optimize it for fitness sports...

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