THE Summer-Drink 2018

JoyBräu Protein Beer

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Are you a shaker?

For decades the toughest men have been drinking the softest drinks after their workout. 
Guys... there is nothing less manly than drinking foamy pink milkshakes! 

...or the next level?

Want to end this milky mess? 
- Reclaim the joy of a cold beer!

JoyBräu - the worlds first Protein Beer
Real gains. Real taste. Really manly. 
- 21g Protein per bottle
- without artificial aroma & colorings
High quality beer "Made in Germany" with a unique recipe

JoyBräu - what are you waiting for?

Protein Beer?! Sounds good, but how does this really help me?

Your benefits on once glance

JoyBräu alkoholfrei
  • 21g Protein

    Each bottle JoyBräu contains as much protein as a shake - for your muscle gains! 

    Protein supports muscle mass preservation and growth

  • Unique beer feeling

    Is there anything comparable to the taste of a cold beer?

    Say goodbye to artificial tast, milky foam and stupid comments, because you only drink water at parties.

  • 10 g BCAA

    The essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine support post-workout regeneration and recovery.

  • Beta-Alanin & Carnitin

    Boost your performance with Beta-Alanine and give your body the opportunity to use its fat metabolism for energy generation with Carnitine

Summer trend 2018 in the media

JoyBräu Medienpartner

You have had enough of shakes?

Watch this video now and learn everything you need to know about JoyBräu!


Which effects have branch-chain amino acids (BCAA) on the growth of my muscle mass?

Non-Alcoholic Beer

What are the features of non-alcoholic beer and why is it a great basis for protein drinks?

Carnitin & Beta-Alanin

Which roles do the amino acids play in the body and why do you need them?

Mehr als 5.000 zufriedene Kunden 🎉

"Optimal combination of functionality & taste. Post-workout, JoyBräu is my thing!"

Super refreshing! A really tasty supplement to my fitness nutrition plan

Sehr gute Süffigkeit & leicht malzig mit einer Idee Zitrone - sehr erfrischend. Mein neuer Lieblings-Refueler!

Ich war nie ein Fan von Proteinshakes, aber da ich nach dem Sport gerne mal ein alkoholfreies Bier trinke, hat mich JoyBräu überzeugt!

Die fruchtige Note ist der Wahnsinn! Mega erfrischend und mit tollen Nährwerten.


Learn more about our unique product and its origins

  • JoyBräu gewinnt "FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2018"

    The worldwide first non-alcoholic Proteinbeer convinced an expert jury in the area of lifestyle / Young Start-Up wins prestigious Award / FIBO-participation after the successfull market launch in March 2018 [Read more]

  • The perfect product

    It took 2 years of development in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin, Faculty Beverage- and Brewing-Technologies, to make JoyBräu come to life.Our Story

    JoyBräu Gründer (links: Erik Dimer rechts: Tristan Brümmer)
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Non-alcoholic beer is good for your health, that's a scientifically proven fact. But what kind of benefits does it really provide and how does it influence the body? Learn how you can boost your fitness with non-alcoholic beer now.  [Learn more]